Hello, and thanks for stopping by my blog about classic cars! My name is Jim, and Classic Cars have always been a big interest of mine. The evolution of cars from the very beginning to newer models shows just how innovative people can be when creating something. When you look at a classic car, you see a different body style, motor, suspension, transmission, and features then you do with cars now. No matter the year of the car, I can always appreciate the beauty of a car. The curves in the body, the amount of power it has, and the features play a major role in what makes a car great for me. Many people assume that classic cars cannot compete with newer models since newer models have the most advanced options, but classic cars were at one point the newest model. There’s something to appreciate about being the best of your kind, whether it’s 2016 or 1975. Even if the newer models have much more features than the older cars, older cars have more character than the newer vehicles. Not to mention, classic cars are a lot harder to find in good condition than a car that’s only two years old is. When you find one of the classic gems in good condition, it can feel like you’ve struck gold. Most people don’t have that type of excitement when they purchase a car from a dealership.

When you want to find information on the history of classic cars, where do you look? I know that there are a lot of great websites out there that have a wealth of information, but I am hoping to dig in a little bit deeper so that I can get some real insight from actual car enthusiasts.

I have thought about heading to some of the local classic car nights that they have around my area to talk with some of the drivers, and even the people who like to visit them. I know that this can be a nice way to learn about why people love classic cars, the history of muscle cars, why they like to visit the car shows and even what their first vehicle was or a particular dream vehicle is that they aspire to own one day.

Is there a website that lists some of the different car museums that are open today that I may be able to visit to gather even more information? I would like to have several valuable resources that I can tap into that will give me a solid background that is well worth putting everything together for my writing work.