My daughter and I took a limo ride the other night for her birthday. Limousines are amazing in their luxury. We got talking about cars, and as much as I’m surprised at her interest, I love how my daughter is learning the history of classic cars. I’ve noticed her studying it on her laptop more than once, although apparently I’m the only one that does notice. She protects her screen privacy pretty well when my wife or her three brothers are around.

I know there’s no way to control the gender of an incoming child, but did we really have to have four kids and only one of them be a girl? I feel so bad for her. My wife does girl stuff with her all the time, since the boys and I are often working on one car or another in the garage or backyard.

I think that’s why she’s learning the history of classic cars. One of her brothers in particular is always trying to show off his knowledge of cars but he does not actually know as much as he thinks he does.

I’m pretty sure she’s planning on embarrassing him one day in front of his friends, and maybe even his girlfriend. I also think she wants to earn some respect in the family and start working on the cars with the boys.

I’m glad we took that ride in the limo (click here to see the company we chose). It gave her an appreciation of the royalty that classic cars can bring to any event.