I’m a big fan of classic cars. Since early childhood I’ve been fascinated by American muscle cars. My parents bought me those miniatures, as they wanted to encourage me to pursue my passion and turn it into a profession. Well, I still have a few of those miniature vehicles on my desk, but I’m far from being an expert. Nonetheless, I find pleasure in studying the history of classic cars, so I can say I know a thing or two about these pieces of art that didn’t have power assisted steering, ABS or EBD systems.

And now I have been seeing these party buses roam the streets at night, filled with happy patrons. I love it. I met the owner of a party bus company (http://www.edinapartybus.com), and he says business is great. He has a Mercedes Benz Sprinter that he started with, and now he’s looking to expand into a more classic bus. I’ll be rooting for him to succeed!

Changing gears (see how I did that), I plan to visit Cuba as soon as possible. This is high on my priority list, the main reason being that Havana is the paradise of classic vehicles. Can you imagine those Cubans didn’t have access to modern cars? They are still driving these antiques I love so much. There’s no wonder I’m so impatient to get to Havana. My dear readers, I’m going to fill this blog with great photos, so stay tuned and subscribe to my feed. If you also love classic cars, you’re going to enjoy a little bit of history in illustrations and short films. Maybe I’ll buy a drone to shoot aerial videos, too.